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The 1st Launchpad & Decentralized Exchange on kaia chain. Hyper-capital-efficient, transparent & community first.

Capybara DEX

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Be the first to invest in new projects in kaia ecosystem using $CAPY token. Participate by staking $CAPY.

Decentralized ExchangeDecentralized Exchange

Capybara uses Wombat's asset to liability model that negates slippage until higher transaction amounts and reduces slippage when it occurs. Coupled with a hyper-gas-efficient algorithm, Capybara's trades are exceptionally efficient.

Gamified Bribe Market 2.0Gamified Bribe Market 2.0

Capybara utilizes WomPets' Gamified Point Platform. Every action on Capybara earns you WomPets Points (WPP). With WPP you can play mini-games to win multi-project incentives.

Initial Airdrop Offerings (IAO)Initial Airdrop Offerings (IAO)

Get free Airdrop allocations from new projects of the kaia ecosystem through creating content. Become a KOL of the kaia ecosystem & earn!